Mary Rose Museum

This is a post I wrote in November last year, it has sat in my drafts since then. I've been missing museums recently and re-reading the post reminded me of a great trip and how much I love them. I want to get back into writing about museums, heritage and just my life generally here... Continue Reading →

2020 Reading Goals

I managed to read around 15 books in 2019, which isn't a huge number but most of those were read after I finished university. Like many students, I found it difficult to spend time reading fiction when I thought I should be reading something more academic (I wrote a blog post about it here). This... Continue Reading →

#Museum30 2019 Wrap-up

I would not describe myself as a 'social' person, especially in my first year of university,  so it came as a bit of a shock when I created #museum30 in 2017 that it was taken up by so many museum folks! The challenge has quickly become one of my favourite events in my museum calendar,... Continue Reading →

#Museum30 2019!

It's the most wonderful time of the year... the time where we all share photos celebrating museums! Friday 1st November I will be running the THIRD! #museum30 photography challenge (find out more about 2017 + 2018 challenges here). The challenge is still the same, share one photo a day inspired by the prompt - don't... Continue Reading →

The Room with the Dead Things

It is highly likely that if I ever go missing in a museum, you would be able to find me in the room with the dead things. I have curated over the past three years a, perhaps, unusual interest in taxidermy, promoting in the people I meet several responses: Why?! Don't you find it creepy? Hasn't that gone out of fashion? And my favourite to answer, How is it done?


From March 11th to 15th I will be running a #TaxidermyWeek on Twitter. This forms part of my undergraduate dissertation looking at how social media can be used to increase engagement with Taxidermy Specimens. I have answered some questions below: What is it? #TaxidermyWeek is a time for us to celebrate taxidermy as a medium... Continue Reading →

Taxidermy Worksheets – #TaxidermyWeek

With #museum30 I asked people to submit photos based on a series of prompts but this time for #TaxidermyWeek I want it to be more creative.¬†Write, draw, create and photograph your responses to the topics and share your feelings about taxidermy. To help you think of some creative responses to the prompts I have created... Continue Reading →

#museum30 – Photography Challenge 2018

On Thursday 1st November I will be running the second #museum30 photography challenge (the first ran in 2017 - find out more here). As you will notice if you completed the challenge last year the date has moved forward - this is so that the days line up with each prompt. Pretty much everything else... Continue Reading →

River and Rowing – Internships and Museums

Over the summer this year I completed an 8-week collections management internship at the River and Rowing Museum in Henley on Thames.¬† Over the course of my time there I learned much more than just how to manage a collection, a summary of a day could involve de-installing an exhibition in the morning, cataloguing an... Continue Reading →

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