#Museum30 2021! (The Fifth Anniversary!)

It's the Fifth Anniversary of #Museum30, a month of celebrating everything great about museums and heritage! I am really excited about the prompts for this year and you might notice a couple of them are marked out in bold and italics - look out for something extra on those days to help the celebrations! (You... Continue Reading →

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Why you should have a personal museum social media!

If you had told me at the start of my Undergraduate that I was going to actually start using Twitter, create a recurring challenge and that they would lead to real-world opportunities I would have said you were mad. But those things have all happened. Thanks to an amazing lecturer who celebrated and promoted the... Continue Reading →

A Natural History Read Along – The Animals at Lockwood Manor

What is the Animals at Lockwood Manor read along pack? This read along pack is designed to accompany the historical fiction book 'The Animals at Lockwood Manor' by Jane Healey. A strong theme throughout the book is taxidermy and natural history preservation and care. The resources I have created will provide you with some real... Continue Reading →

Capturing Light

I have spent my morning thinking about lightand realised I had more to say than would fit in a tweet. As a museum person, I am aware of how valuable but also damaging light can be to museum collections. Colour, intensity and direction of light can dramatically change how you interpret an object or exhibition.... Continue Reading →

#Museum30 2020!

Somehow we are already in the fourth year of #museum30, a little challenge I set up to improve my use of museum social media (find out more about the past challenges here). The challenge begins on Nov 1st but you can join in whenever you are able! This year the prompts are a little different,... Continue Reading →

Mary Rose Museum

This is a post I wrote in November last year, it has sat in my drafts since then. I've been missing museums recently and re-reading the post reminded me of a great trip and how much I love them. I want to get back into writing about museums, heritage and just my life generally here... Continue Reading →

2020 Reading Goals

I managed to read around 15 books in 2019, which isn't a huge number but most of those were read after I finished university. Like many students, I found it difficult to spend time reading fiction when I thought I should be reading something more academic (I wrote a blog post about it here). This... Continue Reading →

#Museum30 2019 Wrap-up

I would not describe myself as a 'social' person, especially in my first year of university,  so it came as a bit of a shock when I created #museum30 in 2017 that it was taken up by so many museum folks! The challenge has quickly become one of my favourite events in my museum calendar,... Continue Reading →

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