#museum30 – A 30 day photo challenge

On Thursday 23rd November I will be launching the #museum30 challenge and I thought I would do a quick post to explain the challenge and what I hope it will achieve.

What is is?

A list of 30 prompts for photographs based around museums and just things you enjoy in life, you can interpret the prompts in any way you like – get creative with it!


When is it?

The official launch date is going to be the 23rd November 2017 however you can start your 30 day challenge whenever suits you best, it is completely flexible.

How can I get involved?

To join me on the museum 30 challenge all you need to do is upload a photo to either instagram, twitter or both with the hashtag #museum30 so others can view your posts – in the description list the prompt for the day and maybe even why you chose that photo.

How can I see what others have posted?

Just follow the #museum30 on either twitter or instagram to see everyone else’s posts for the challenge and maybe get some inspiration for your own photos!

Why did you create the challenge?

I have seen 30 day instagram challenges for years and have always  been interested in doing one but never quite found one that interested me. Since studying museum studies I have become more aware of the use of social media in museum networks and have met and talked to different professionals around the world through twitter and instagram. The aim of #museum30 is to provide a way for museum professionals, volunteers and enthusiasts to engage and share different parts of their lives and help like minded people to connect. Hopefully through undertaking the #challenge30 you will identify why museums are important to you and it will allow you to express your creativity!

Follow me on instagram and twitter to keep updated with my progress in the #museum30 challenge!

Instagram – @magnifyingzoology

Twitter – @magnifyzoology

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