From March 11th to 15th I will be running a #TaxidermyWeek on Twitter. This forms part of my undergraduate dissertation looking at how social media can be used to increase engagement with Taxidermy Specimens.

I have answered some questions below:


What is it?

#TaxidermyWeek is a time for us to celebrate taxidermy as a medium in museum collections, learning about how it’s made, why we have and need it, and the controversies surrounding the medium.

Who is it for?

Everyone can join in with #TaxidermyWeek, the idea is to create as much engagement with it as possible whether you work in a museum or not.

When is it?

The official launch date is going to be the 11th March with a series of 5 themes which will be discussed throughout the week.

How can I get involved?

To join in on the Taxidermy Week conversation all you need to do is upload a response to the prompt on twitter with the hashtag #TaxidermyWeek so that others can view your posts. The aim is to spark discussions around taxidermy as a discipline, so please share your thoughts and chat to others about their ideas.

I have also created some worksheets to help you celebrate taxidermy whether that is on your own, with friends or within a museum. To find the worksheets head over to the blog post:


(If you want me to definitely see your post you can personally tag me @magnifyzoology)

How can I see what others have posted?

Just follow the #TaxidermyWeek on Twitter to see everyone else’s posts for the challenge and maybe get some inspiration for your own responses!

Why did you create the challenge?

Since studying museum studies I have become more aware of the use of social media in museums and collections, learning a lot about taxidermy and natural history through platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. For my undergraduate dissertation, I have chosen to look at how social media can be used by museums and collections to increase engagement with taxidermy specimens.

To produce an outcome for my dissertation I have created #TaxidermyWeek to see how people interact with taxidermy on Twitter and how different styles of posts spark engagement.

Hopefully, through undertaking the #TaxidermyWeek you will learn why taxidermy is important to you as an individual and to museums themselves.

If you have any questions about the project or my dissertation feel free to send me a message either through my contact page here on the blog or through a direct message on Twitter!

Follow me on Twitter to keep updated with my progress in the #museum30 challenge!

Twitter – @magnifyzoology

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