Magnifying zoology is about exploring natural history, going behind the scenes of museums and figuring out how to make my passion my job.

I recently graduated with a 2:1 BA in Museum Studies and Archaeology from the University of Reading where I volunteered in the Cole Museum of Zoology and worked Front of House at the Museum of English Rural Life.

I have had the opportunity to experience museums not only as a visitor but also as a museum professional, getting access to the behind the scenes workings of some of my favourite places.

In 2017 I created #museum30 which is an annual photography challenge for museum people on Twitter and Instagram. From the challenge I developed an interest in social media and the links between museums and the digital world, something I have also researched through my dissertation.

I would say one of my favourite things to talk about is taxidermy (although I talk about lots more on the blog) and I have even begun to create some of my own pieces!

Magnifying zoology is my digital notebook, a place where I can document the work I am undertaking and the interesting things I am discovering along the way, sharing them all with you.

I hope you’ll stick around!


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